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Las Vegas Jobs that Offer the Best Work Environment

Monday, January 26th, 2009

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas job, it might be comforting to know that Nevada’s Best Companies to Work For named 12 Las Vegas area companies as having outstanding employee environments.

The nominations for best companies were collected through the Nevada Business Journal‘s Web site and were reviewed by Precision Opinion, a market research company based in Las Vegas. Workers of the winning companies boast that their employers offer corporate cultures that value everyone by promoting respect, independence and family values.

According to an article by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the following companies are among the best in the Las Vegas area:

  • Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. One of the Reno and Tahoe area’s major resorts, Atlantis employs 1,800 workers. Employees are offered competitive benefits; employee recognition programs; 24-hour scheduling; tuition reimbursements and opportunities to volunteer.
  • Bailey Kennedy. One of Nevada’s most successful law firms, Bailey Kennedy employs 24 workers. Employees are offered a collegial and supportive atmosphere; provided lunches; flexible scheduling; employer-paid healthcare, long-term disability insurance and a 401 (k).
  • Clark County Credit Union. CCCU has about 39,000 members and six branches. The company’s employees are offered healthcare benefits; 401(k) contributions; performance bonuses and education and exercise programs.
  • Deloitte LLP Nevada. This company, which is the American member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, has more than 100 offices and makes about $10 billion in annual revenue. Deloitte employs about 8,000 CPAs and about 120 people in the Las Vegas area. Employees are offered career customization; the chance to work abroad; flex scheduling; the chance to do community service and an environmentally-friendly office space.
  • Fair, Anderson & Langerman. This accounting firm employs 32 workers in Las Vegas. Employees are offered healthcare; paid time off; $1,000 for personal growth each year; on-site exercise equipment and cash gifts on employment anniversaries.
  • First Security Bank of Nevada. This bank has two branches and about 20 employees throughout Las Vegas. Employees are offered an open door policy and a family-friendly environment.
  • Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. This company offers consulting on soil and ground water conditions in the Las Vegas Valley to private and public clients. GES employs 50 workers in the area. Employees are offered a challenging work environment; an emphasis on staff development and good communication and a home loan program.
  • Holland & Hart Management. HHM is the largest law firm in the Mountain West and recently merged with Hale Lane Peek Dennison and Howard. The company has 14 offices in seven states and Washington, D.C. Employees are offered the usual perks, as well as adoption leave; unlimited sick leave; wellness programs; a chance to participate in community service and paternity leave.
  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has more than 7,000 members and is the largest business organization in Nevada. The Chamber employs 65 workers. Employees are offered a complete benefits package; an awards program and environmentally-friendly offices.
  • Nathan Adelson Hospice. The only non-profit hospice program in Southern Nevada, NAH has four locations, 300 paid employees and 200 volunteers. Employees are offered the chance to attend many social events during appreciation weeks and personal holidays and frequent meetings with supervisors.
  • Twelve Horses. This technology company employs 45 workers and has offices in Reno, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Phoenix and Tampa. Employees are offered typical benefits and the chance to work virtually.
  • Wright Engineers. This engineering company employs 130 workers and has offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Irvine. Employees are offered the chance to volunteer and employer-paid benefits, including retirement, profit sharing and healthcare.