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Archive for August, 2010

Fright Dome Recruits for 250 seasonal jobs in Vegas

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner, and haunted house Fright Dome is aggressively recruiting for 250 seasonal jobs in Vegas.

Maniacs and monsters are encouraged to apply. The scarier, the better. The Fright Dome’s annual attraction at the Circus Circus resort needs to be staffed with 250 gloomy characters.

The Dome opens Oct. 1. This will be its 7th year in operation. This year, the Dome will feature five haunted houses, including ones that pay homage to the “Saw” and “My Bloody Valentine” film franchises.

The Dome plans on holding job fairs the next four weeks and begin heavily recruiting.

The hiring is only for the Halloween season, but it will bring relief to the heavy hit Las Vegas area, which has an unemployment rate of 14.8%, the highest in the nation.

You can check out the Fright Dome website for a complete list of times and other information including tickets and showtimes.

Restaurant Staffs for Server Jobs in Vegas

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Hash House a Go Go (you heard right) is currently hiring a slew of people for their new restaurant, and will be filling server jobs in Vegas.

The restaurant is opening inside the M resort. About 100 people are expected to be hired for this highly anticipated location.

Job seekers can travel to the restaurant for an on-site interview.

Hash House owners say they will interview the best candidates on the spot. Appearance, a great resume, and a fun attitude is paramount.

“We are actually filling out an application here and we are actually going to get an interview and that’s wonderful. They should all be that way. At least you have an opportunity to present yourself,” one job seeker told a newspaper.

At most job fairs they hand you an application and ask you to fill it out when you have time. Hash House made a point to sit down with interested parties and get a feel for what they’re looking for right on the spot.

Hash House now has three restaurants in the area. Owner Jim Rees told a news station that he isn’t letting the economy stop him for expanding.

“We haven’t cut back. We haven’t changed our portions or quality and I think it’s really paid off for us. We have looked in a lot of areas over here and when the M came to us and offered these opportunities for us to take look, we felt it was the perfect opportunity,” he said.

Line cooks, hostesses, and wait staff are needed for the restaurant.

Land Rover Hiring for Sales Jobs in Vegas

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Land Rover Las Vegas is hiring and adding new sales jobs in Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

John Navara and Ethan Treadway were recently added to the sales team. Navarra has several years’ experience in the luxury automobile market, while Treadway worked previously at Newport Beach Land Rover.

There he earned top rankings for customer satisfaction. Both men joined Land Rover Las Vegas to be a part of all the new and exciting innovations this hub has to offer.

Treadway’s mother was a drag-racer, which probably prepared him for a career dealing with cars.

Treadway held various positions for a number of dealerships in Orange County, but always with the goal of superior customer service in mind.

Visit Land Rover Las Vegas at 5255 W. Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas Unemployment Could Rise Even More

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Las Vegas’ unemployment rate, which at 14.2 percent in June was already the country’s highest, is unlikely to go down and in fact could go up to 14.7 percent by the fourth quarter of 2010.

This analysis of the economic situation was released by Jered McDonald who is an economist for the state’s Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation.

McDonald’s comments came following a meeting of the Employment Security Council which was debating whether to raise taxes on businesses to pay for the state’s unemployment trust fund. He also said that the situation was unlikely to improve till 2012, with unemployment probably remaining above 10 percent till 2014.

Nevada currently has 193,000 unemployed, and this is just the people who have registered for unemployment benefits. The bleak forecast for the job sector came in part due to concerns over the lack of growth in the gaming and construction sector, which is concentrated in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also has the nation’s highest unemployment rate for a metro area.

However, Harrison Barnes, CEO of Hound, a leading job search engine is still optimistic about the situation. “It’s not as if the Nevada economy has completely ground to a halt and no one is hiring,” says Harrison. “There are jobs in Las Vegas as well as in the other Nevada counties.”

In spite of the losses across the board, Hound was able to post a good 3,800 jobs this week across the state, in which Las Vegas had over 2,100 jobs.