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Archive for September, 2015

Are science jobs in Vegas from college degrees experiencing growth?

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

A new survey from Careerbuilder shows the highs and lows of certain degrees, including getting science jobs in Vegas from a college degree is lucrative.

Looking at trends post-recession, nearly 500,000 more degrees were awarded in 2014 than in 2010, an 11 percent increase. However, nearly two-thirds of the new degree completions occurred from 2010-2011, with growth remaining less than one percent in subsequent years. Programs experiencing the greatest declines were heavily concentrated in humanities and social sciences.

Overall Growth of College Degree Completions
•2010 to 2011 – 6.9%
•2011 to 2012 – 2.7%
•2012 to 2013 – 0.3%
•2013 to 2014 – 0.8%

More than half of the top 10 broad programs leading the U.S. in degree completion (2010-2014) were in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.
•Science technologies/technicians: 1,521 change, 49% growth
•Natural resources and conservation: 7,792 change, 45% growth
•Parks, recreation, leisure and fitness studies: 18,869 change, 44% growth
•Multi/interdisciplinary studies: 24,540 change, 36% growth
•Mathematics and statistics: 9,384 change, 35% growth
•Public administration and social service professions: 22,683 change, 33% growth
•Computer and information sciences and support services: 38,194 change, 32% growth
•Precision production: 9,581 change, 30% growth
◦Most of this growth occurred during the most recent year. Between 2013 and 2014, precision production programs saw the fastest growth out of all broad program categories (6,654 new completions, 19% change).
•Homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting and related protective services: 32,529 change, 27% growth
•Engineering: 32,058 change, 26% growth

From 2010 to 2014, only nine broad program categories experienced decline, nearly all of which were in humanities and social sciences (and closely related to teaching occupations):
•Military technologies and applied science: -814 change, 30% decline
•Library science: -1,432 change, 17% decline
◦Between 2013 and 2014, library science programs saw the sharpest decline out of all broad program categories (1,079 change, or 14% decline).
•Education: -33,301 change, 9% decline
•History: -3,561 change, 8% decline
•Construction trades: -1,980 change, 6% decline
•Philosophy and religious studies: -542 change, 3% decline
•English language and literature/letters: -1,571 change, 2% decline
•Foreign languages, literatures and linguistics: -683 change, 2% decline
•Architecture and related sciences: -217 change, 1% decline

Retail jobs in Vegas show little change

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

The number of retail jobs in Vegas have shown little movement, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employment in other major industries, including construction, wholesale trade, retail trade, transportation and warehousing, and government, showed little change over the month.

The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls edged up by 0.1 hour to 34.6 hours in August. The manufacturing workweek was unchanged at 40.8 hours, and factory overtime edged down by 0.1 hour to 3.3 hours. The average workweek for production and nonsupervisory employees on private nonfarm payrolls was unchanged at 33.7 hours.

In August, the unemployment rate edged down to 5.1 percent, and the number of unemployed persons edged down to 8.0 million. Over the year, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons were down by 1.0 percentage point and 1.5 million, respectively.

Manufacturing employment decreased by 17,000 in August, after changing little in July (+12,000). Job losses occurred in a number of component industries, including fabricated metal products and food manufacturing (-7,000 each). These losses more than offset gains in motor vehicles and parts (+6,000) and in miscellaneous durable goods manufacturing (+4,000). Thus far this year, overall employment in manufacturing has shown little net change.

Employment in mining fell in August (-9,000), with losses concentrated in support activities for mining (-7,000). Since reaching a peak in December 2014, mining employment has declined by 90,000.

Health care and social assistance added 56,000 jobs in August. Health care employment increased by 41,000 over the month, with job growth occurring in ambulatory health care services (+21,000) and hospitals (+16,000). Employment rose by 16,000 in social assistance, which includes child day care services and services for the elderly and disabled. Over the year, employment has risen by 457,000 in health care and by 107,000 in social assistance.