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Archive for March, 2019

Is having new management a threat to employees at Vegas jobs?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Some job seekers report having new managerial staff may be a threat to their employment when it comes to Vegas jobs, according to a recent survey.

The current labor market is stronger than it has been in years, if not decades. In fact, the last BLS report of 2018 showed that there are 6.9 million job openings, but only 6.3 million unemployed people seeking work.

Despite what appears to be an abundance of opportunity, there are a lot of people who feel “stuck” and unsure of how to find the right fit in a new job or different position.

One in seven Americans (14%) did not feel respected during their last job search

  • Of the 14% of Americans who did not feel respected, they say the following would have helped them feel more respected by recruiters and potential employers:
    • Being told why they weren’t moved to the next stage (32%)
    • Recruiters followed up in a timely fashion after the interview (31%)
    • Company acknowledged receipt of application (28%)
    • Knowing if the application had been seen by a recruiter or hiring manager (27%)
    • Recruiter/hiring manager sent a rejection in a timely fashion (23%)
    • You were told you’d be considered for future opportunities (23%)
  • Respect is also a key driver for job satisfaction: people who are currently happy with their job cite feeling respected (45%) as among the top reasons for their satisfaction.

Three-quarters of Americans (77%) believe there are threats to their current job, such as new management (20%) and a toxic boss or working environment (19%)

  • Top perceived threats include:
    • New management (20%)
    • Toxic boss or working environment (19%)
    • Layoffs (17%)
    • Recession (16%)
      • That said, 62% of Americans think a recession in the next two years is likely—so while many expect a recession, fewer expect it to directly threaten their job.
    • Younger co-workers (15%)
    • Industry changes requiring new skills (14%)
    • Automation/technology replacing jobs (10%)
  • While 72% of Americans overall believe the job seeker has the upper hand in terms of having job options and negotiation power, younger Americans may be disproportionately benefitting from the modern search process:  83% of 18-24-year-olds and 84% of 25-34-year-olds say they have the upper hand, vs. 64% of 35-65-year-olds.
  • One in three Americans (33%) believe searching for a job today is harder than when they first started in their career.

Projects to create Vegas hospitality jobs

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

A new round of projects may create more Vegas hospitality jobs.

The Las Vegas City Council approved two new economic development projects at the City Council meeting, including a new Marriott hotel on Symphony Park.

     The new AC Hotel by Marriott will be located at the corner of Grand Central Parkway and Symphony Park Avenue. This location puts the new hotel just west of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts and across Grand Central Parkway from the new convention center, The Expo at World Market Center. The Expo is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020 and developers plan for the new hotel to be open at the same time.

     The new hotel is being developed by Jackson-Shaw. Founded in 1972, Jackson-Shaw has developed 21 hotels and more than 60 million square feet of commercial real estate. The hotel will feature a new restaurant as well as space for meetings and additional retail space.

     Currently on Symphony Park, two new parking garages are nearing completion. These garages include nearly 30,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. In addition, more than 600 future residential units  are currently under development on Symphony Park with the Aspen Heights and Southern Land Company projects.

      Symphony Park features construction-ready sites with infrastructure in place and developer incentives available. Adjacent to business catalysts that include World Market Center Las Vegas, Las Vegas North Premium Outlets and Molasky Corporate Center, Symphony Park is centrally located in Las Vegas with easy access to U.S. 95 and Interstate 15 highways.

Vegas jobs show strong growth

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

A number of Vegas jobs are showing strong growth.

According to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s (DETR) December 2018 economic report, statewide, jobs increased by 3.9 percent, which correlates to 52,400 new jobs added since December of last year.

This is higher than the average employment increase over the last year, December through November, of approximately 43,200 jobs. The largest over the month job gain in the metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) was realized in Las Vegas, at 2,600.

Reno added 600 jobs over the month while Carson City fell below seasonal expectations decreasing 100 jobs. The Reno MSA added jobs at a faster rate than the state in December.

Job Growth in December (Seasonally-Adjusted):

Las Vegas is up 2,600 jobs over the month and is up 35,200 over the year (3.6 percent). o Reno added 600 jobs over the month and 12,300 over the year (5.2 percent)

Carson City decreased netting out a loss of 100 jobs over the month, and held constant for year over year job changes. • Unemployment:

Las Vegas: 4.5 percent; up 0.1 percentage point from November, and down half a percentage point from a year ago.

Reno: 3.4 percent; up 0.2 percentage point from November; down 0.3 percentage from this time last year.

Carson City: 4.5 percent, up 0.4 percentage point from November, and down 0.2 percentage point from a year ago.

Vegas jobs climb

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

The number of Vegas jobs has grown, according to recent labor statistics.

Nevada added 3,800 jobs over the month and 53,300 jobs over the year, according to the state Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s (DETR) January 2019 economic report.

The 53,300 jobs over last year was the largest annual increase in over 12 years. The state’s unemployment rate in January 2019 was unchanged over the month, remaining at 4.4 percent. Compared to last January, the state’s unemployment rate is down 0.4 percentage point.

Additional January Report Highlights:

Total employment rose by 3.9% over the year, at the high end of the range seen over the last year (2.8 – 3.9%), and more than double the current U.S. growth rate (1.9%).

Gross job gains in construction at expanding or opening private sector establishments totaled 9,890 in the second quarter of 2018, 13 percent of the total private sector gains in Nevada.

Employment trends show that from the low point of the recession until now, employment growth in almost all of Nevada’s industries has exceeded the growth based on national trends in those same industries nationwide.

The unemployment rate in Nevada held steady at 4.4 percent from December to January. This is down from 4.8 percent a year ago, and is the lowest rate since June 2007, nearly eleven years ago.