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Manufacturing jobs in Vegas climb

New data shows that manufacturing jobs in Vegas may be climbing, according to recent statistics.

Nevada saw 5,100 new jobs in October, seasonally-adjusted, bringing total employment to 1,397,900. This month’s over-the-month gain was 3,600 jobs higher than the Statewide increase seen in October of 2017.

The September estimate was revised down by 1,300, bringing the total two-month gain to 6,600 jobs.

October’s positive seasonally adjusted gain comes as a result of the State adding 8,600 jobs, unadjusted, when only 3,500 jobs were expected to be added based on historical patterns. The private sector saw the largest share of gains, adding 6,100 jobs, while the public sector lost 1,000.

Year to date, manufacturing is growing at the fastest rate (up 13.7 percent), after adding 6,500 through October (versus the same period last year).

Construction has added the most jobs, with a gain of 7,700 or 9.3 percent.

Other services grew by 4.9 percent and education and health services grew by 4.8 percent. Information remains the only sector to see fewer jobs year to date.

The Silver State has added 45,800 jobs since the same month last year, a gain of 3.4 percent.

National employment grew by 1.7 percent over the period, meaning the Silver State is growing twice as fast as the national average.